At the Netherlands Defence Academy, research into unmanned systems commenced in 2001. Since that time, researchers have contributed to topics such as airspace integration, mission management, system autonomy and operator support. This site provides an overview of recent results, events and publications.

Innovation in Defence
The Hague, December 9-10

During the event Innovation in Defence the navigation support system for the supervisory control of unmanned vessels (developed in the context of the CSHIELD project) was demonstrated at the NLDA display.

Innovation in Defence 2013

Innovation in Defence 2013
Digital Avionics Systems Conference October 6-10
At the 32nd DASC, the paper 'From Spatial Conflict Probes to Spatial/Temporal Conflict Probes: Why and How' received the 'Best of Session' Award in the session 'System Wide Issues in Separation Management'.


 Naval days, June 20-23

During the Naval days, the Netherlands Defence Academy demonstrated a simulated UAV mission over the Northern part of the Netherlands using one of their research UCS setups.



Airshow, June 14-15
The Royal Netherlands Air Force celebrated its 100th anniversary with a magnificent airshow at Volkel AFB. For the first time, a GAASI Reaper was displayed at an airshow in the Netherlands. The Reaper was moved to the static display on June 13.

Also at the airshow was a demonstration of one of the NLDA/TUD UCS research consoles.



CSHIELD Symposium, April 2013
On April 2, the CSHIELD symposium was held at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA). During this symposium, prof. Theunissen presented the conflict probing system developed to support operators of unmanned vessels with intercept guidance and collision avoidance.

Digital Avionics Systems Conference, October 2012
At the 2012 DASC in Williamsburg, M.Sc. student Maarten Kastelein (picture center) received the best of session award for his paper 'Implicit Maneuver Coordination: Issues and Potential Solutions'. Maarten also received the 3rd best graduate student paper award. Congratulations Maarten!
National UAV Research Laboratory officially opened

On May 30, 2006, the new laboratory at the Royal Netherlands Naval College (KIM) was officially opened. It houses one of the three UAV mission level simulators that have been developed by researchers from TU Delft and the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA).

UAV thematic day

On May 9, 2006, a UAV thematic day was organized at the Royal Netherlands Naval College (KIM). Speakers from the Netherlands Defence Academy, Delft University of Technology, the Royal Netherlands Air Force and Industry provided an overview of ongoing research, results and future developments.
The focus was on the use of synthetic-
and enhanced vision technology and developments in the area of Network Enabled Capabilities.